Our kiosk on the beach offers various dining options a delicious breakfast! See our menu and the values on site.

Banana Boat – Laughter and adrenaline

A very fun float in a banana format guided by a motorboat, in which people are seated with life jackets. Adventure and adrenaline guarantee lots of fun!

Ride – Relaxing and bird singing

Nothing is more pleasurable than a time just for you, isn’t it? Relaxing, feeling the breeze of the ocean and listening to the bird’s singing: this is everything you’ll need to recharge your batteries.

Stand Up Paddle – Fun and balance

This is a sport in which people stand on a board and row to keep the balance. It is indicated for all ages.

Wakeboard – Adventure and strength

Water sport in which a snowboard is pulled by a motorboat. Everyone will be with a life jacket. It is very important to have strength and balance.

The Slider – Adrenaline and Balance

Water sport in which a board type ski is pulled by a speedboat. The person will be properly equipped with life jacket. The butterflies in my stomach is what makes it exciting ride.

The Parasail – Cold in the stomach and emotion.

The Parasail Sports Freedom is a simple way to fly.
It consists of a specially designed parachute to fly towed by boat.
With proper care, it allows people to feel the sensation of flying.